Small Diameter Stainless Steel Tubing Fabricator

Industries and Applications

Stainless Steel Tubing Fabrication for a Variety of Industries

We provide stainless steel tube services and products to a variety of industries and their mission critical application needs, specializing in small diameter stainless steel tubing fabrication.

Our small diameter stainless steel tubing and other manufactured products are used in various industries because of its unique properties, including corrosion resistance, conductivity, durability, cleanliness and hygenic properties, and of course, versatility.

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Industries We Serve

Small diameter tubing for labs

Laboratory Diagnostics

NEST fabricates a wide variety of parts that exceed the competition. Many fabricated parts are used for Lab Diagnostics. Stainless steel and other specialty alloys are used for several reasons including their corrosion resistance and ability to be cleaned between uses.

Lab diagnostics utilize sample probes and other parts and assemblies to analyze samples like blood, tissue cells, urine and other substances to diagnose diseases, illnesses and other attributes depending on the application. Precision fabricated parts and expert quality are required for any application in Laboratory Diagnostics. NEST also fabricates parts and assemblies for hematology, chemistry, immunoassay, lab automation and more.

  • Hematology
  • Chemistry
  • Immunoassay
  • Automation
  • Probes
  • Pipets
  • Passivated Diagnostic Probes
  • Medical Laboratory Diagnostic Probes
  • Many Different Alloys
  • Simple to Complex Products

Small diameter tubing for dental


NEST manufactures and fabricates parts for the Instrumentation industry such as probes, guide tubes, drain tubes, rinse tubes, water tubes, manifolds, reusable needles, connectors and connector tubes, air & gas tubes, and more.

Stainless steel is most commonly used but other alloys are also used based on the specific application, liquids, gases or chemical and physical properties required. Coatings such as PTFE, vapor deposition coatings, plating and more can also be applied to reduce carryover and provide additional resistance to corrosion.

  • Probes
  • Guide Tubes
  • Drain Tubes
  • Rinse Tubes
  • Water Tubes
  • Manifolds
  • Reusable Needles
  • Connectors And Connector Tubes
  • Air & Gas Tubes
  • Others

Small diameter tubing for vet

Veterinary Diagnostics

NEST forms and fabricates several different tools, probes, needles and diagnostic tubular parts for many major veterinary diagnostics OEMs.

Custom veterinary diagnostic parts for hematology, chemistry, dosing and feeding, and more can be manufactured and assembled for specific customer applications.

NEST uses precising cutting, machining, laser welding and finishing services such as electropolish and coatings to fabricate robust reusable parts, probes and assemblies that have reduced carryover to exceed specific vetrinary customer requirements.

Small diameter tubing for dental


In Dental, small diameter stainless steel tubing is employed as a cost effective way to fabricate reusable tools and instruments that can be sterilized. The parts are often robust, durable and suitable for most applications.

In newer style instruments, stainless steel tubing can also be used in some surgical applications that require guiding lasers to the site. This requires precision fabrication with incredible consistency over different lots of parts.

Small diameter tubing for food and beverage industries

Food and Beverage

Stainless steel is preferred in the Food and Beverage industry primarily because of its hygienic qualities. Stainless parts can last decades and do not have a shelf life under the right environment. This helps maintain the integrity of different processes and applications involved.

Parts such as dispense tubes, drain tubes, sanitary fittings, connections, valves and pumps and more are commonly fabricated from stainless steel tubing. Similar to other industries, the durability and quality of the parts fabricated for Food and Beverage are paramount.

Small diameter tubing for agricultural uses


Sampling probes are heavily relied on in the Agriculture industry to provide data on soil samples, nutrient levels, contaminant levels, pH levels and others. This can be critical to maintaining a reliable supply chain all the way from fabrication to field to crop distribution.

Tubular parts are also used in irrigation systems for large scale operations that require corrosion resistance to environmental conditions

Small diameter tubing for oil and gas uses

Oil and Gas

Petrochemical, Oil and Gas industries utilize small diameter tubing to form and fabricate parts such as gas tubes, supply tubes, coolant tubes, preheater tubes, anode gas tubes, manifold tubes and manifolds, inlet tubes and outlet tubes, and more. Stainless steel is preferred for its corrosion resistance and durability.

Other specialty alloys are also commonly used due to exposure to harsh environments and extreme low and high temperatures. Oil and Gas probes are also used to monitor and control temperatures, pressures, fluid and gas composition and analysis.

Small diameter tubing for Mass Spectrometry and Detection

Mass Spectrometry and Detection

Spectrometry uses small diameter stainless steel tubing for its high purity and consistency, along with the efficiency to transfer samples during analysis.

Tight tolerancing, high quality, consistency and repeatability are absolutely critical to spectrometry and detection to ensure an accurate measurement across systems. Small diameter stainless steel tubing is used in sample introduction, columns, vacuum systems and more.