Small Diameter Stainless Steel Tubing Fabricator

Precision End Forming - Small Diameter Tube Rolling and Enclosures

Tube Rolling and Enclosures

Rolling is an end-forming method used to reduce the diameter of the tubing to a target dimension, or to form a closed-end tube. Rolling is done by forcing a die against a rotating part to produce the desired shape or profile.

Rolling can produce a convex, flat or concave surface on the end of a tube. Convex radiused ends place the least amount of stress on the tubing material and are typical for types of enclosures, or closed-end tubes. Consistent wall thicknesses can be maintained throughout the rolling process if the application requires it.

Standard or Custom Variations

NEST can provide standard closed-end tubes or custom variations with machined features, such as side ports, angled holes, and slots. These machined features can be added after using Milling processes, or if the application fits, can be fabricated complete using Swiss CNC. Custom shapes and profiles can also be provided.

Other types of enclosures and closed-end tubes can also be achieved by Swaging. These will often have a pencil point or conical shape.

Buffing or Polishing is recommended after end forming to improve the surface finish.

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