Precision Burr-Free Cutting

sample cut tubing
cutting process
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Precision, burr-free cutting is what you need and what we provide. Whether it’s 20 pieces for prototypes or higher volume quantities for a production run, New England Small Tube has the right process for you.

NEST can hold length tolerances as tight as ± .0005”. Made to spec, cutting can provide anything from a sharp edge to an edge with a radius.

Our cutting department specializes in cutting hypodermic and fractional size tubing, but have the ability to cut many other sizes according to your need. Click the links below to see the sizes we typically cut.

Hypodermic Tubing Chart
Fractional Tubing Chart
Metric Tubing Chart

No matter what assembly or machining is done to a fabricated part, the job cannot begin until that stainless steel tube is cut and completely burr-free. Whether it's a simple cut tube or a complex assembly, we have been providing our customers with clean burr-free parts for three decades.

sample cut tubing
Broken Edge
more sample cut tubing