Small Diameter Stainless Steel Tubing Fabricator


New England Small Tube’s years of experience producing custom dies and perfecting our processes make us the best in the business at swaging small diameter stainless steel tubing. Each swaged part receives its own custom set of dies that are fabricated by our most experienced tool makers, ensuring the highest quality product every time. We provide the smoothest possible transitions on the internal diameter as well as the outside diameter, to achieve target performance for your part from prototyping to production.

We have the ability to swage stainless steel tubing to diameters of many different sizes and as far down as a .007" internal diameter. Whether you need a sampling probe or just a tube with a reduced tip, swaging could be the right solution for you!

Building a probe? Head over to our Sample & Reagent Probes page for ideas and information on building your entire assembly or Call us today at (603)429-1600 to discuss your application and how New England Small Tube can help you!

swaging diagram